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I Am Forgiveness to Freedom

I Am Forgiveness to freedom Retreat

Becoming free from all things that are holding you isn't easy. I know as I tried for years. I wanted to do it on my own for years. I finally found the tools, and I finally got myself together with the tools. 

As I didn't do it on my own, I desire to help you get to the freedom for you. This isn't for me, and this isn't a conference. This is a retreat and an encounter. A retreat to better you and an encounter to embrace the new you. It is time for you to encounter what you need for yourself. 

Check out the fun of the 2nd Annual in San Antonio, tx.


also, go below and get your seat for the 3rd annual 30 Sept 2023 in Oklahoma City, ok.

2nd annual retreat
Antonio, tx

3rd annual I am forgiveness to freedom
Saturday, 30 September 2023
Oklahoma City, OK

We are preparing for our 3rd Annual I Am Forgiveness to Freedom Retreat. This year we are in Oklahoma City, OK and we are ready to be bigger and better. If you missed 2022, then do not miss 2023. Tickets goes on sale 1 November and you can get your tickets right here. Just look below and click the button. Seats are limited!  






We are also looking for vendors for this event. We are looking for 20 Vendors. This is first come, first served. There are many things included: 


- Draped Table/2 Chairs

- Brand advertised: 

  -  Half Program

  - Banner

  - Social Media 

*Out of the 20 slots, 6 will be premium spots. This will be first come, first served as well.*


We are also offering those who desire not to have a table, but would like to be advertised in our program. We have 6 half page ads and 6 full page ads. You can see below for all price info and our contact form .


Please click ticket (above) to reserve your spot and if you have any questions please email us at



- Premium Spot: $150

- Regular Spot: $125

- Half Page Ad: $25

-Full Page Ad: $50

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