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Marble Surface

My growth started with "I AM"

about shatoria

I start everything about me with I am because at one point someone told me I wasn’t. I am is a statement about who and what you are even when someone doesn’t or won’t even validate you or even the very being of you. With I am it validates you, your presence and existence to you. No matter what anyone of this world says. This is a moment to look in the mirror and say I am. I am more than enough. I am more than what you think of me. I am shatoria is a collective of pieces that helps empower the very weak of a person. It helps drives the soul of a person trying to be better and do better. This isn’t just a brand but a statement. A code of pride and honor knowing that you have defeated the very thing and being that comes for you. That comes for your soul. That comes for your spirit and that comes for your life. For many years I had to remind myself that I am. I have had to say to myself that I am a creator, I am brave, I am bold, I am OK, I am something to someone and most importantly, I am a child of God that was made for this moment right now. Motivational speaker, influencer, author, empowered, and inspirational…I am.


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My chapter, Distance Faith, teaches readers how it is okay to be mad and express to God that you are mad with Him. This will allow you to overcome the fear, pain, and hurt you have for any and all situations.

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Marble Surface

"I AM"